Membership is Changing!

August 31, 2023

We are excited to announce that we are currently making important updates to improve our membership experience for existing and new members. Membership will remain free for patients with primary immunodeficiencies, as well as their family members or caregivers; and for healthcare professionals and researchers working within the field of primary immunodeficiency diagnosis, treatment and research.

We’ll be transitioning to a new portal for members, donors, and volunteers, and adding in some new benefits to better assist you in living well with PI!

For patients and families, these benefits include:

  • Important updates about PI, including our monthly What’s Happening, direct email and social media updates relevant to your needs
  • Ask Us Anything service – we will do our best to help find an answer to your PI query!
  • Access to CommUnity Connect Groups and other support resources, a closed Facebook Group, and in-person socials.
  • Access to support resources on how to live well and navigate life with a PI, including access to financial assistance.
  • Access to PI education information resources, events and webinars
  • Access to participate in important research studies to improve the lives of those with PI
  • Participate in events to raise awareness about PI with the general public, and to lobby and advocate for changes within the healthcare system
  • Opportunities to volunteer your time to help reduce PI diagnosis and improve PI awareness within the healthcare system.
  • AGM voting rights (for patients and families/caregivers only)

For healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, and researchers, we offer:

  • Access to PI information, as well as educational resources related to PI signs, symptoms, diagnosis and IVIG/SCIG treatment.
  • Access to educational materials for your staff and clinic, as well as pamphlets about ImmUnity Canada, how we can support your patients
  • Access to a larger network of medical health professionals, researchers and medical experts for the medical community. 
  • Important PI updates and guidance from our Medical Advisory Committee
  • Opportunities to share relevant PI studies with patients and families
  • Opportunities to be involved in PI education events, including webinars and national conference

If you are already a member of ImmUnity Canada, we may reach out to you in October 2023 to update your information.

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ImmUnity Canada is a national charity with five provincial chapters across the country.

We empower Canadians impacted by immunodeficiency disorders to live well through education, support, advocacy, community-building, and research.

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