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Welcome to Volunteering with ImmUnity Canada!

Volunteers are a key element and vital part of the immunodeficiency community and ImmUnity Canada.  They have been integral to our organization from the very start, helping to shape our present and future needs. 

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Uniting around  Immunodeficiency.

Our volunteers collaborate with us to empower Canadians impacted by immunodeficiencies, by offering their talents to educate and support patients, advocate for patients, and foster a sense of community at the local, provincial and national levels.  


Their experiences, ideas and skills are crucial to shaping the direction of Immunity Canada at every level of the organization.  Working together, our volunteers help to build a resilient community by strengthening social cohesion, facilitating connectivity, encouraging diversity and promoting inclusivity. 

What Do ImmUnity Canada volunteers do?

Our much-valued volunteers include:   

    CommUnity Connect Group Leaders
Walk for Immunodeficiency Volunteers
Conference Volunteers
Patient Storytellers
Medical Science Advisory Committee
Nurse Advisory Committee
Webinar Presenters
Office Assistants
Membership Volunteers
Facebook Group Moderators

    In the near future, the quantity and diversity of these positions will expand, to provide new opportunities for prospective and current volunteers. Please click the button below to view more information about each of these roles and to see what positions we are currently recruiting for!

    What is it like to volunteer with us?

    We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, and will help you to overcome barriers to feel included in our community. Collaborating together, our volunteers help us to create a community where everyone feels welcomed, heard, supported and empowered to live their best life possible. 

    Ready to Get Involved?

    Thank you for your support. We look forward to working with you!

    We empower Canadians with primary immunodeficiencies to live well.