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PI Support and Resources

Learn about ImmUnity Canada’s PI support programs and find helpful resources for life with primary immunodeficiency.

Support and Community

Whether you’re a patient or caregiver impacted by PI, we want you to know that you are not alone. ImmUnity Canada has several options to help you find the support you need.

CommUnity Connect
Connect with other PI patients and supporters at one of our meetups!
CommUnity Mentorship
Speak with someone who understands your PI journey.
Patient Education Events
Learn and share in an informal setting
PI Community Online
A private Facebook group for Canadians

Meet and connect

ImmUnity Canada hosts bi-monthly virtual patient meetups. It is a great opportunity to connect with other PI patients and supporters to learn, laugh, and share tips and advice.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted monthly in-person meetups. We hope that we can safely resume these face-to-face gatherings soon.

One-on-one support

Our Peer Support Program offers one-on-one support for people affected by primary immunodeficiency. In the Peer Support Program, you can connect with a trained volunteer with a similar shared experience of PI. It is also an excellent program for people interested in helping others by volunteering as a 1:1 CommUnity Mentor

Learn and share

Our Patient Education Events have always been a place where those whose lives are affected by PI can learn and share in an open and non-judgemental environment. It is a place where you can meet others who share similar experiences and make new friends or reconnect with old ones. These events are a good alternative for those who prefer a more informal support setting.

Members of ImmUnity Canada receive updates about future Patient Education opportunities. Register for free today!

Join the Facebook group

It can be challenging to get out when you’re dealing with primary immunodeficiency and chronic illness. But the ImmUnity Canada PI Community is still here for you! Join the ImmUnity Canada Facebook group and connect with fellow Canadians impacted by PI. It’s a safe and welcoming place, open only to patients and family members.


Living with a Primary Immunodeficiency disease can be challenging. We’ve gathered a list of resources for patients living in Canada that may help alleviate some of the burdens, whether financial, emotional, or social.

Availability and access to resources may vary across Canada, but together we can help Canadians with PI get the support they need to thrive.

Financial Assistance

There are a few options for Canadian PI patients and their families looking for financial assistance. However, most of these funds are on an application basis, and successful applicants must demonstrate financial need.

ImmUnity Canada Financial Assistance
Helping ease the burden of PI
Hope Air
Support for medical travel within Canada
Canada Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
Reduce the income tax owed
Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
Save for your loved one's future care
Telus Internet for Good
Subsidized high-speed internet in BC & AB

Financial Assistance

ImmUnity Canada helps ease the burden of those affected by PI in Canada by providing up to $500 per applicant (family or individual) per calendar year.

Funds can be used towards medical-related expenses, such as:

  • Travel and/or accommodation to and from medical appointment(s)
  • Appointment(s) with a mental health professional (social worker, counselor, psychologist, etc.)
  • Ancillary supplies needed relating to your PI
  • Services required relating to your PI (physiotherapy, interpreter, etc.)

To access our Financial Assistance Program, please send a completed application to or mail it to ImmUnity Canada at 206-645 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1G2. All information provided is confidential.

Access the Application Here

Medical Travel Support

Hope Air is a national charity that provides free travel and accommodation for patients and families who need to visit doctors outside their communities in a non-emergency situation.

Income Tax Reduction

Canada’s disability tax credit aims to offset some of the costs associated with having a severe disability. The DTC is a non-refundable tax credit that reduces the income tax owed by a person with severe, prolonged impairments of physical or mental function or their supporting family member.

Save For Their Future

A registered disability savings plan helps families save for the long-term financial security and support of a loved one eligible for the Disability Tax Credit.

Subsidized High-speed Internet

In BC and AB, the Telus Internet for Good program provides subsidized, high-speed Internet to qualified people with disabilities, starting at $9.95 per month.

General Resources

Emergency Medicine Initiative
Improving emergent care - Coming Soon!
Patient Relocation Assistance
Making your move easier
Clinical Trials and Studies
Breaking research and participant opportunities
Helpful Websites and Resources
Helpful downloads and links

Improving the Emergent Care Experience

In 2020, ImmUnity Canada partnered with the National Emergency Nurses Association (NENA) to improve the experience and care of immunodeficient patients in emergent and urgent care.

The initiative provides patient wallet cards, national emergency room guidelines and training for emergency room nurses. We thank our friends at Grifols for funding this important initiative.


Coming Soon!

Are you moving?

If so, ImmUnity Canada can help!

Whether moving from one side of Canada to another or to a different region in your province, we can help you navigate the healthcare system and find the specialists you need to ensure you don’t miss any treatments.

Research, Discovery and Development

Clinical trials are research studies that aim to address specific health issues. Patients volunteer to participate in the clinical trial, helping researchers gather essential data and information.

Clinical trials and studies may be designed to learn more about a specific disorder, identify the causative gene, discover new therapies or improve existing treatments.

Jeffrey Modell Foundation

Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF)

The Immune Deficiency Foundation is a US patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of persons with primary immunodeficiency diseases.

International Patient Organization for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI)

IPOPI is a non-profit organization that collaborates with patients, doctors, policymakers, the pharmaceutical industry and others to advocate for primary immunodeficiency patients worldwide.