The Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization is now ImmUnity Canada! Read our update to learn more.


Formerly the Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization

Empowering people with primary immunodeficiency to live well

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What is PI?

Our immune system is supposed to protect us from infection. Elite cells patrol our bodies looking for anything dodgy or amiss. When they spot something that’s not “us,” they go into microscopic superhero mode. Capes billow in the wind as our superhero cells haul away the villains, keeping us safe for another day.

Some people are born with genetic disorders that weaken their immune systems, known as Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders. Their immune system isn’t working properly, so their superheroes can’t do their jobs. Instead, villains rampage through the body, spreading infection in their wake that makes the person sick and tired.

There are over 500 of these chronic conditions and counting, and most people with PI don’t know it and aren’t diagnosed. People with PI are sick and tired of being sick and tired. A PI person’s mental health and relationships may also suffer without a diagnosis, treatment, and support. It can be a lonely place.

That’s where ImmUnity Canada comes in.

With members across the country, we work together to empower folks with primary immunodeficiency disorders to live well. Through education, support, advocacy, research and community, we can help all Canadians with primary immunodeficiency access the resources they need to thrive.

We’re sick and tired, but we’re not alone.


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