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IG Transition Update – February

February 13, 2018

February 1st, 2018


Update on Immune Globulin Products in Canada


Dear CIPO member,

On November 2nd and December 19th, we sent letters updating you about changes that are taking place across Canada in regards to certain immune globulin products. We know that some of you have voiced your concern about how these changes will affect you and your care, and we have relayed these concerns to Canadian Blood Services, the product suppliers and health care providers.


IVIG patients currently on Gamunex and IVIGnex will most likely not see any change in product. Some patients currently on Privigen may change to Gammaguard (this change will be decided with your healthcare provider). This is primarily due to a decrease in supply of Privigen into Canada over the next 3 years.

Panzyga will no longer be available with a complete phase-out planned for August/September 2018.  Patients currently on Panzyga will be transitioned onto Gammaguard.

Subcutaneous (SubQ)

Patients currently on Gamunex or Gammanorm SubQ will continue on these products.

Hizentra Pre-filled Syringes

Some patients will have already been introduced onto the Hientra Pre-filled Syringes (PFS). Patients receiving 1g or 2g of Hizentra are more likely to be transitioned onto the Hizentra PFS, as the vials will no longer be available in those sizes. Your healthcare provider will discuss this change with you, if this introduction will occur for you.


Hizentra will be phased-out from Canadian Blood Services formulary in September/October 2018, and patients currently on Hizentra will be transitioned to Cuvitru starting in April. This transition period will allow each patient to be trained and transferred onto Cuvitru.

Patient Support Program

Those patients currently enrolled in the Hizentra Care program will have the opportunity to enroll into Shire’s OnePath, the patient assistance program associated with Cuvitru. This patient assistance program will be comparable to the Hizentra Care program. If you are enrolled in the Hizentra Care program DO NOT start your Cuvitru treatment without giving consent to enroll into the OnePath program. You will receive an enrollment form from your clinic or healthcare provider, you will not be automatically enrolled.

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment or how these changes affect you, please contact your healthcare provider.

CIPO, working with Canadian Blood Services, health care providers, and suppliers has organized a series of information evenings for patients to help better understand the transition process. These evening events will be a chance for you as a patient to have your questions answered. If you are unable to make it to an event near you, you can submit a questions via our website.   

Canadian Blood Services will continue to post updates on their website


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