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Ontario Data Party

On Saturday 26th November 2022 we are inviting you to attend a planning event which we are calling a “data…

On Saturday 26th November 2022 we are inviting you to attend a planning event which we are calling a “data party.” The event starts at 10am and will end at 3pm and will be led by Immunity Canada with support of our volunteer Ontario Steering Committee. Lunch will be included!

What is a Data Party?

A data party is a fun, participatory event where people come together to explore data. The purpose is to have fun, build relationships, and reflect in small participatory activities about how we perceive and interpret data. We will decide together what some of the main issues are affecting the Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) community today across Canada as well as specifically in Ontario.

You have been invited to come together with others who represent individuals and families affected by PI as well as those who support them, including Immunity Canada (previously CIPO) staff, health professionals and others. 

As we have a new Strategic Plan (2022 – 2027) to guide our work over the next five years, we want to use this event to work with you to see what we should prioritize in the short-term and long-term in Ontario. Your input will help us to crystallize a provincial-level action plan so it will be clear for our members, partners, donors and volunteers what actions need to take place.

If you would like to attend, please register below no later than November 4th 2022. We only have limited capacity (30 people) and so we will offer individuals places on a first come first serve basis.


Your Safety During COVID-19

The venue will allow individuals to feel safe and ask all participants to be vaccinated and wear masks when moving around. Immunity Canada will provide masks and hand sanitizer, as well as ask that all staff at the venue including caterers are vaccinated. We also ask that any participants who have had COVID-19 in the previous ten days leading up to the event to stay at home, as well as request participants take a COVID-19 test the day before the event.

Any Questions?

Any questions please message the Programs Manager David Josey (

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