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COVID Vaccine Statement

December 14, 2020

Please see CIPO’s COVID-19 vaccine statement below:


December 15, 2020

Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Statement

Canada will be receiving COVID-19 vaccines beginning December 2020. The rollout of these vaccines, as well as recommendations regarding priority vaccination will vary in each province. 

Currently the vaccine available in Canada has not been studied in patients with primary immunodeficiency.  Patients with a primary immunodeficiency may not respond adequately to immunization.  More information may become available in the future to enable more specific recommendations.  

Passive protection against COVID-19 may be provided in the future for those patients on immunoglobulin replacement.  There would be no contraindication for patients with a primary immunodeficiency receiving the current COVID-19 immunization unless there are specific allergic contraindications.  

Details of that recommendation are listed on the following website:

Recommendations will vary between primary immunodeficiency patients, please seek the advice of your treating specialist regarding vaccination. 

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