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IG Supply Update #3

July 19, 2019
July 19, 2019 

Update on Immune Globulin Supply in Canada 

Dear IG patient/caregiver, 
As we have informed you in two past letters, Canadian Blood Services have been experiencing a shortage of the SCIg product Cuvitru. As previously stated, this shortage will affect predominantly patients with immunodeficiency, and patients with neuromuscular disease. This shortage should not interfere with the treatment of patients currently on SCIg. 
This shortage is expected to ease, with supply of Cuvitru appearing to steady in recent weeks. 

Patients currently receiving SCIG (Cuvitru) 

Currently treated patients should continue with NO changes to their current access to SCIg. Patients will be given no more than a 3 months’ supply. However, in some regions of the country, patients will be given only 1 months’ supply. 
Some patients in targeted clinics, in Edmonton and Ottawa, may be given an alternate product (Hizentra or Cutaquig), in order to assist in the current supply challenges. This will be discussed with you by your healthcare provider before any changes occur. 

Vial Substitutions 

We are expecting the vial substitutions to be short term only, and for patients to have a return to normal vial sizes by the fall. 

Patients currently receiving SCIG (alternate) 

Patients currently receiving Gamunex, Cutaquig or Hizentra through the named patient program will continue on these products without disruption. 

Patients currently receiving IVIG 

Patients currently receiving IVIG may receive longer than normal infusion times, due to vial size substitutions. If you experience a disruption or change to your treatment, please contact your healthcare provider, CIPO or GBS/CIDP Foundation. 

Patients waiting for SCIG 

Patients currently in the queue to start SCIG can expect a delay, but patients are being trained to begin treatment. 

Moving Forward 

CBS has assured us that patients will have product. Takeda, the company that makes Cuvitru, has committed to more supply and we are all working hard to ensure that supply does not outstrip demand again, causing another shortage 
Hema Quebec has an alternative supplier and is not affected. 
A Customer Letter from CBS and an explanatory letter from Takeda Canada can be found on the CBS website (Gammagard Liquid Supply Customer Letter # 2019-14 and Cuvitru Supply Customer Letter # 2019-09
If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment or how these changes affect you, please contact your healthcare provider. 
We will continue to update you throughout this process, and work with Canadian Blood Services and industry, for the patient, ensuring that patient care is the primary concern to all involved. 
CIPO National          
GBS/CIDP Foundation of Canada


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